I seem not to see him anywhere close.

Can somebody tell me where he is?

Turn and toss miserably miserable on bed at night.

Loneliness killing me slowly tight

Nothing I do come out right


It's wrecking my soul

Cos am living without his mixture

How can I sail through life alone in the future?

Without him life is an adventure

We are bound by nature



Can somebody tell me where he is?

I seem not to see him close

Somebody, Somebody

Tell me, Tell me!

Smile diminished from my face

The beauty difficult to trace


My path looks so dark,

Difficult to do anything right

I weep over his absence

Everyday and every night

Nothing I do come out right

Cos we are to be one by nature.


CHORUS; Repeat


Can somebody tell me

Tell, Tell me!

where I can find him

He is nowhere close

My heart is wounded beyond repair

Only him..only him can safe my life from despair.




Can somebody locate him for me?

Where can I find him?

Without him am not complete

Cos one of ribs I was made another creature

We were together in heaven

Until Earth separated us

And now can't see him anywhere close

Am missing him to the measure

For we bound by nature

Missing him to the maximum

And no one can fill in the vacuum

Longing to embrace him like a mum

Longing to set eyes on him once more

Longing to have him right home.


CHORUS; Repeat to the end