Lordina and her husband Mahama was caught in a heated argument.

Mahama: Don't worry I will get myself another wife. She would bear me better children.

Lordina: Oh really!... Marry and relocate with her for all I care.
Mahama: She is going to be where I will be. Here of course.

Lordina: hahaha..do you want I and my bad children to corrupt your better wife and children?
Mahama left angrily as he kicked a bucket on his way.
Assibi, her last daughter laughed out loud.

To Mahama, his children  Assibi and Baba are the worst. And he feels his wife is in support of them because anytime he chastises them, she would advice it isn't the right way.
It was early morning and Mahama was on his children. Neighbours gathered on their compound and witnessed. It was so disastrous.
There is something called "otofista" and he saw his son Baba on it. He tried to strip him naked before the public which Baba hesitated and tried defending himself. And in the process, his hand accidentally touched his father's cheek.
Mahama got furious and claimed his son had slapped him.

Mahama: you see what I have been saying? He slapped me, me his father. Good for nothing son. What good would you ever bring to me!
Make sure you don't step your foot in the house am about to mount.

Assibi: eeeii Dad! Yes he might have offended you but he still remains your child.

Mahama: shut up! You better cry your own cry. You think am going to see you through Tertiary, what good will that bring out of you? Leave my sight!

Lordina sat on a chair as she weeps." These are some of the words you say and when I talk you think am supporting the children. These words you spoke are like curses"
Many years later, Mahama surely implemented his words. He refused to see his children through tertiary.
This made them leave the house to seek for greener pastures. The children went through a lot.
Lordina cried all her eyes out during the time. She did nothing but to pray for her children.
But later succeeded. Assibi their last daughter finally secured herself a job and went to school same time.
Baba soon became rich. He decided to build a house for his parents after he had built his.
Mahama became terribly ill. He almost joined his ancestors. It was his children who took the burden upon themselves. They paid Good doctors to attend to him.
Lordina was at his bed side and reminded him.

Lordina: The children you called good for nothing are paying your hospital bills. Same children you said wanted nothing from have finished your house and from here, you're going to stay. 
I always tell you, every household has its own problems but its takes tolerance and patience to get them corrected.
No matter how bad you think your children are, never neglect your responsibilities as a parent.

Mahama: hmmm..I thought I was training them but now I know better. Am so so ashamed, I can't even look them in the eye.

My children forgive me.