There is a myth Africans have embraced.
Some say vultures are witches and wizards; others say they are bad luck, have a bad smell so detest them.

Africans, it's time to face reality; vultures were created by God and for a particular purpose.
God had you and I in mind.
He made the vultures to pick and eat up waste and animal carcasses which breeds harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses etc causing infections.

The bird vulture performs a magnificent role with its long beck and bald head.
They eat up carcasses and waste on the environment hence getting rid of infections from the land.

Bear in mind when the environment is heaped and accumulated with dead animals and waste, human health will be at task.
Vultures increase would minimize the rate at which infections evade the environment since they eat up these carcasses which generates infections.

Why would we want to get rid of such wonderful birds from the environment, when the environment's survival lies on them?
Why kill them with this simple myth they're witches, wizards, bad luck, devils etc?

Africans, we need our vultures back for this significant role!!
We need their presence on the environment, for their existence means reduction in infection.

Chosen Mumuni

Contemporary Ghanaian poet,a script and songwriter

Central Region, Ghana

+233 264 202 024